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Re “‘Superhuman’ electric bikes are coming to Sacramento. And you can rent one for ” (sacbee.com, Nov. 11): As a bike rider in the downtown area, I know how challenging it can be for even an experienced cyclist. These speedy electric bikes are certain to be zipping around Sacramento soon. I wonder how many riders know the rules of the road. Vehicle codes apply to bikes, including e-bikes. No sidewalk riding, stay on the same side of the road as car traffic, stop for any pedestrians in all marked crosswalks, full stops at every stop sign, stay in traffic lanes when there is no bike lane, and others. As we may soon see many more bike riders, perhaps it is time to explore licenses for cyclists.


Trump in ’Nam

Re “Trump pushes 'America first' during tough trade talk in Asia” (sacbee.com, Nov. 10): The term surreal certainly fits Donald Trump in Danang, Vietnam, on Veterans Day. Looking back, I could have used him on patrol outside of Danang in 1967. But he had such bad problems with his feet he couldn’t serve. That rolling thunder sound you hear is the 58,000 dead Vietnam war GIs rolling over in their graves.


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